Keiko Rise are a well established, charismatic party band that have been delighting clients and entertaining guests since 2010. This tight four piece deliver an engaging Rock n Roll show, fronted by captivating entertainer AJ.

Their repertoire spans genre and time, ensuring there’s always a party with something for everyone. At the heart of the show is a raft of hits from the 21st century which gathers pace and leaves audiences screaming for more from a full dance floor.

If you want to entertain your guests with a high energy show then Keiko Rise are your only real choice. As consummate showmen, the members know the importance of giving their all in every performance. Whilst many bands will stand on stage singing the hits, Keiko Rise perform songs you know and love, bringing them to life.

Whether you wish to ease your audience into the evening, gracefully Waltz through your First Dance, or kick things off with a bang, Keiko Rise will tailor their performance to you.